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Patil House of Magic and Entertainments is a leading Magic Company in Mumbai for the last 15 years selling magic merchandise, teaching , and developing the Art of Magic through its well organised Workshops and Coaching Classes to schools and the Society ..

After two Successful Academic years of Basic Magic workshops conducted in coordination with The Hindustan Times Newspaper ( Kids Edition ) in various prestigious schools in Mumbai , we are now entering the third Academic year with them.

Magic is fast emerging in schools not only as a favorite past time but also as an effective tool of education and personality development.

Apart from basic school education taught in the classrooms, students are allowed to explore their inner self and become more self confident, Magic as a performing helps a child in developing his communicational skills which is important for every individual and go a long way in helping them in their future growth.

Magic makes the students to ask questions Why? And How? i.e. what leads to creative thinking.. “Learning with magic” (fun learning that gives students creative thinking) in schools is encouraged .

Apart from conducting magic workshops in schools , we also conduct them in private parties for children birthdays, picnics, and during the holidays ..

Our 90 minutes Magic workshops are well planned and they start with a small 7-10 minutes professional magic show , wherein children get excited. Later on we explain the International Rules of Magic and start teaching them magic with daily objects like pencils , rubber band, coins , paper money ,and handkerchief ,, Also one can select their own magic tricks to be taught in the workshop from our wide range of over 100 professional tricks in our Magic shop !!

This workshop is entirely an interactive one wherein each child gets to show his skills in performance and communication . Batches of 5 to 10 children are made and our professional magicians teaches them individually . More excitement is there when each child performs / rehearses the magic trick in front of the class !! At the end of the workshop , they are well taught the basic art of Magic and can perform magic tricks to amaze their friends !!!

Do call on us for more details and we will be happy to explain the magic workshop for you in details as per your customer needs .