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Magic Blog 2020-03-29T15:23:22

Magic Blog

10 December 2019

This XMas we @ Patilmagic will be offering some of our pocket card tricks at nearly 50% less than the retail prices.. These card effects are old effects but brand new condition.. So watch out for the special offers .We will be advertising them through our updates and broadcast list..

So guys.. if you have not yet registered your email ID with us on our home page.. Do it now coz.. these exciting discounted card tricks are not to be missed!! Once off the shelf. N sold.. . No longer available in the market..

A great opportunity for magic lovers and collectors!!


13 December 2019

Patil Magic shop will be giving you a FREE birthday magic product as a gift in your birthday month when you buy our products during your birthday month .Also further you will receive 20 % discount on all products purchased during your birthday month !!!

All you have to do is just email / whatapp us(9819576884) your name , date of birth ( proof - with adhar card copy ),

So register now by sending your DOB, name and adhhar copy to us !!

Example : If your birthday falls in month of Decemeber , then immediately email/ whataap ( 9819576884) us your Adhhar card copy and name and start buying products from us in month of December @ 20 % less discount !!! So hurry register fast your email ID on our home page to get latest updates of our products !!!


11th. January 2020

Here's wishing all our magic friends , wellwishers and patrons a very Happy New and prosperous New magical 2020 !!

This year we @ patil magic will be bring you many new and exciting magic props and activities . We will be starting a new magic club for all our customers and you will be able to get further discounts on our products when you enroll as a member !! also we will be conducting magic workshops , lecturers by re known magic personalities and celebrities !!

So guys stay tune to our website for exciting news and updates !!

If you have not yet subcribed to our you tube channel .. do it soon as not to miss out any magic vedios !!

Remember the channel ...thepatilmagic


Manada & Mandar Patil.


29th. March  2020 

 Hello All ,,,

 This is Mandar Patil  from Patil magic shop , Mumbai , writing this  Blog  during   our 21 days  Lockdown  period till 15 th. April 2020. At this time  COVID -19 ( Corona)  has hit major   countries around the world   forcing them to   totally Lockdown themselves including India .

It is a scary situation …. Our business , offices , Shops , and jobs  are all shut down ..Yes, even our Magic events , Shows, have been cancelled . For  many are advised to work from home  and STAY home   for our own safety and the safety of others .

We can crack  all the jokes we want  on Corona Virus  , Toilet paper , sing songs  on how   to wash your hands properly, do many things which we never thought of doing before.. but the REALITY  IS… at one given point of time , one will feel   completely TRAPPED  AT HOME , ISOLATED FROM OTHERS , which can be daunting ( difficult  to deal with )as we are not used to this type of lifestyle ..Hence  we have to stay proactive.. by prioritizing  our mental and physical health . There are many ways to do this . We at times  may enter   into  a temporary DEPRESSION  state, our ANXIETY LEVELS MAY RISE …every single thing in our lives is up in the air  but above and all you know what will be  CONSTANT ?? OUR LOVE FOR THE “ART OF MAGIC “ YES .. we all are blessed  with  and connected to MAGIC  ..

   I suggest   certain things one should  do related to MAGIC  during  lockdown   period .  In this blog and the following to come  in the next few days  , I would like to share  with you my ideas . I hope they will be useful to you and keep you stable  in the difficult  times ahead … and mould you into a better magic performer !!!

  1.  Take out a Magic trick or effect  which you have purchased long time ago and have forgotten about it .. study it ..put it into  operational mode , practice  it ..
  2. Update your Show performance ,  routines , sleights of hand ,  flourishes , etc.. create  an new effect if possible ..
  3. Update your   personal magic  web site , upload  pics and magic data ..
  4. Catch up   with your  magic reading ..  Take out the  magic  books , e-books , e-magazines..which you may not have read so far  and read them !!   Who knows your passion  for  reading  may be discovered .Increase your knowledge …
  5. One important thing .. try not to forward messages / vedios on Corona Virus  or its related information  via social media as we already have  a lot in circulation ( It creates a negativity  environment and it may  disturb  our mental health )  The   TV  News media  is already  doing   their  best for us  to keep us updated with  genuine  data ..

As you know SOCIAL DISTANCING  plays a  very  VITAL  role   in keeping CORONA   away .. one should now  think on how to change our show pattern / routines  to  deal with the current  situation .

In my next blog ,, we will discuss   about this  point  and I invite ideas from other brother and sister magicians  to also  share   theirs too . You may  email  @ patilmagicshop  and I will definitely  share it on my blog ..

So stay  tune ,, stay safe  and keep social distance !!

 Yours in Magic

Mandar Patil.

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