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ESP DECK AND BOOK OUTFIT The ESP Deck is a set of 25 symbol cards. Originally designed by Dr. Joseph Rhine in 1927 to test extra Sensory Perception at Duke University, each set has five symbols (Circle, Cross, Waves, Square and Star) repeated five times. Magicians have used this decks for decades to perform demonstrations of mental telepathy, clairvoyance pre-cognition and other such demonstration of ESP. It is very easy to adapt many popular card tricks for use with the ESP cards to give them a pseudo scientific or mental favor. We supply a set of the ESP cards, with each symbol printed in a different color (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black) and the Instruction Book. The Book … Magic With An ESP Deck BY SAM DALAL contains the complete effect for "The Test", a commercial ESP effect that has sold for years at many times the price of the complete book The mimeographed manuscript contained a hand full of good self working effects with an ESP Deck, written and produced over a couple of days. Sam Dalal thought no more of this than the hundreds of similar manuscripts and instruction sheets he has written over the years for commercial magic items. He was delighted when he found the book had achieved the status of a reference book on the subject. Republished by Micky Hades, references to this manuscript popped up in other books and magazines, and in 1977 a revised, enlarged and much better produced edition was published by Accent Products of U.S.A. This elevated it from an instruction manuscript for the files to a space of its own on the book shelf! We supply you the book and the ESP deck as an outfit , reasonably priced .