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Gimmicks Accesssories Magic by Patilmagic

INR 199 INR 250

COD Not Available

Fiery Impression


“FIERY IMPRESSION” Effect : The impressions of a card chosen by the spectator appear on the magicians fingers , when heated by a fire. An amazing and mind blowing tricks which is very easy to perform. APPARATUS : A Specially designed metal device which has 4 different cards impression engraved in it. The sides of the device are cornered in 4 different ways for identification as per the following: a) Ace of Clubs – Rounded. b) Nine of Spades – Squared. c) Seven Of Diamonds – 3 cornered. d) Jack of Hearts – 4 cornered. Note -: Scrub the engraved parts of the device with a pencil before hand and then press your finger and thumb on it. This will give a burnt impression effect when held against the lighter. very easy to do We supply you the special metal engraved gimmick device and instruction sheet.

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