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Ring Flight


RING FLIGHT (ANOTHER FLYING RING ) A borrowed finger ring vanishes from the performer’s hand and appears hooked to a link or clip in a Key Case in the performer’s hip pocket. First described by Al Koran in his book Professional Presentations the effect is something of a classic, appealing to many performers as a visual and direct bit of chicanery, involving intimate audience participation. It is also known as Ring Flite, and variations thereof. Our justification for “another” model are what we believe are minor steps forward, from what we have seen, hat empowers many more magicians to put this magic Key Case in their hip pocket ! You can use this prop without the need to conceal the gimmick behind a lot of keys. That is because the gimmick is perfectly concealed inside the Key Case, in a special compartment, not just stuck in. You require no extra or duplicate cases, and you can display the Key Case very freely, before and after. You don’t have to wear a jacket to perform this. In fact the handling of the prop we offer requires no prior set up at all. The Key Case supplied is custom made for this prop. We offer you a model which is made from PU imitation Leather, and supplied complete with detailed instructions.Use your own Ring. See David Copperfield’s live demo of ring flight below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4R1mVy_1fU

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